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Agendas & Minutes

Effective July 1st, 2020, Board of Trustee meeting agendas and minutes are published on this page. Minutes must be approved by the Board prior to publication. Agendas and Notices of Meeting Date Change also appear on the News & Announcements page.

Meetings are open to the public. Regularly monthly scheduled Board of Trustee Meetings begin with a 15 minute Public Comment period. If needed, additional Board of Trustee Meetings may be scheduled in between regularly scheduled monthly meetings and Stand Up Meetings. Additional meetings may or may not include Public Comment. Click on the link below to review Public Comment Guidelines.

Public Comment Guidelines

Agenda – Regular Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting

NOTE: Agendas are posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting on the News & Announcements page and on the Village Hall bulletin Board.

BOT Meeting Minutes
Agenda – Stand Up (SOM) Meeting

Stand-Up meetings are short Board of Trustees meetings during which participants stand, as a reminder to keep things concise. Stand-up meetings allow the Board to quickly touch base, report progress, or follow up with Village Business between regularly scheduled meetings.

SOM Minutes
Board of Review Minutes

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