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License & Permit Forms

For Village code that denotes approval is required, in the absence of an official Village form, please contact the Village Office.

Licenses & Residential Rental Applications:

Construction Permit Applications & Forms:

Updated forms coming soon! If you need a permit before they are published, please contact Building & Zoning Administrator Mark Schall at vnbpresident@northbay-wi.us

For more Building & Property information, including a list of appointed Inspectors, click here.

Permit & Zoning Applications:

Public Works: Village Code relating to driveways & right-of-way (ROW) is located in Chapter 7. Chapter 7 includes information about Streets (public and private) & Public Lands; Driveways; Street Excavations and Openings; Encroachments on Public Property; Tree Trimming and Encroachment; Sewer Use; and Location of Public Utility Equipment; and Wireless Facilities in Public Lands and Right of Way. Chapter 7 is published on the North Bay Ordinances page.

Construction Related Handouts:
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