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License & Permit Forms

For Village code that denotes approval is required, in the absence of an official Village form, please contact the Village Office.

Licenses & Residential Rental Applications:

Construction Permit Applications & Forms

For general Building & Property information, click here. For any and all building permit questions, please contact Inspector Lee Greivell. For Zoning questions, please contact the Zoning Administrator, President Mark Schall. Click here for contact information for VNB elected and appointed officials.

Permit & Zoning Applications:

Public Works: Village Code relating to driveways & right-of-way (ROW) is located in Chapter 7. Chapter 7 includes information about Streets (public and private) & Public Lands; Driveways; Street Excavations and Openings; Encroachments on Public Property; Tree Trimming and Encroachment; Sewer Use; and Location of Public Utility Equipment; and Wireless Facilities in Public Lands and Right of Way. Chapter 7 is published on the North Bay Ordinances page.

Construction Related Handouts:
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