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P1020208North Bay Village Hall
3615 Hennepin Place
Racine, WI 5-3402

For general inquiries, email vnbclerk@northbay-wi.us.  Village Hall is open for meetings, elections, or by appointment. 

Executive Board (Elected Officials)

Appointed Officials

Servic-e Providers

Phone numbers above are for non-emergency inquiries; in the event of an emergency, always dial 9-1-1.

Planning Commission

Trustee Members: Mark J. Schall, Rich Schmitt, Rick Cermak, Kristin Wright
Resident Members: Bill Cosban, Mark Hyde, Randy Johnson & Paul Schroeder

Board of Appeals

Julie Anastasio, C. Rocco Castellano, Dave Easley, Lisa Englander & Rick Hennig

Alternate Members: Sue Arvai & Autumn Latimore-Schienke

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