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Dog Licenses

All owners of dogs in Racine County are required to obtain rabies vaccinations and dog licenses under WI State statutes – Section 174.052. Failure to comply with vaccination requirements may require the owner to forfeit not less than $50, nor more than $100 per dog. Additional fines and penalties may be assessed to owners of unlicensed dogs under Racine County statutes. Unlicensed dogs and dog owners will be reported to the Racine County Sheriff.

To obtain a Dog license application:

  • Visit the License & Permits tab of the Document Center
    • Annual fee is $25,
    • For previously licensed dogs, payment is due no later than April 1st, thereafter, a $5 late fee applies.
    • For dogs acquired after April 1st, please apply for a license within 30 days.
    • For residents new to the Village, if your dog is currently licensed in another community, please submit a copy of your license to the Treasurer and you will not be required to re-license your pet here for the current year.
    • Questions? Contract Treasurer O’Brien at (262) 681-0898
  • Contact the Village Treasurer at vnbtreasurer@northbay-wi.us
  • Contact the Village Clerk (vnbclerk@northbay-wi.us

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