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Tax Payments

Property tax bills are mailed to property owners in December. The first installment (or full amount) is due January 31 and is paid at Johnson Bank, 4001 N. Main St. The second installment is due July 31 to the Racine County Treasurer.

Income Tax Filing
On Wisconsin Personal Income Tax Forms 1 and 1A, under Tax District, please list the Village of North Bay as your residence. The Racine Unified School District number is 4620. This is important for the Village.

Change of Tax Bill Mailing Address
To request a change of mailing address for your tax bill through Racine County, go to http://racinecounty.com/government/county-treasurer/property-taxes and follow the link to begin a tax record search. When you find your record, click the link that says “Request Mailing Address Change” and complete the form.