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North Bay Polling Place

Location: Village Hall; 3615 Hennepin Place
Hours: 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

North Bay Election Schedule

  • Village Caucus: Annual nomination of officers for the Executive Board on the second Monday in January.
  • Spring Election: Annually on the first Tuesday in April, with a primary (if necessary) on the third Tuesday in February.
  • Fall Election: Bi-annually on even-numbered years on the the first Tuesday in November, with a primary on the second Tuesday in August.

Wisconsin Voter Information:

To learn everything you need to know about voting in Wisconsin, click here and you’ll be routed to the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) Voter Information Page

Voter Registration:

Voters may register online, by mail or in person.

For online Voter Registration & Absentee Ballot Application (Mailed Ballot Only) click here .

  • The URL for MyVoteWisconsin is: https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/
  • Register to Vote online up to 20 days prior to the election. Thereafter, paper applications are required.
  • Apply to Vote Absentee — mailed ballot only. For additional Absentee Ballot delivery options, refer to the Absentee Ballot Application Form EL-121.
  • Review your Voter Information
  • Find out what’s on your Ballot
  • Update your name and address

In Person or US Mail Voter Registration forms.

Due to the frequency of election form changes by the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC), this site no longer publishes forms. To view, download and print the most current election forms, please click here and you’ll be routed to the WEC Voter Information page.

  • Click here to view the list of WEC Voter Information Guides.
  • Click here to view the most common voter application forms such as Voter Registration Application (EL-131), Absentee Ballot Application (EL-121), Presidential Ballot Only Application (EL-141). Click here to view the WEC Contact Us page, where you will find WEC hours, phone, fax and email links.

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